We are not a Recruitment Consultancy, but we are building up a bank of CVs from people within the industry. These CVs maybe passed onto relevant Recruitment Consultants but only in the strictest confidence. If you are interested to see what other career opportunities may exist within the marketplace
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Are your Line Managers too busy with their core responsibilities to personally complete that special project successfully?
Does that important business opportunity require deeper investigation? Will that push into new territory ever get off the ground? -
 WELCOME TO Instrument Net
Welcome to a   resource centre and on-line buyers guide for all interested in the UK   instrument industry. Established in June 1996 please read more

Basic registration in the On-line Buyers Guide is free, but an enhanced entry with upto 40 product categories, your logo and comments/description costs just £69.99 per year. To purchase an Enhanced Entry just complete the Company Registration Form



The On-line Buyers Guide has an accurate database of more than 500 major UK instrument suppliers, relevant Institutes and Organisations. Not only can you search for suppliers in 100 Product Categories, but you can search for text in any of the data base fields including: Company Names, Previous Names, Trade Names/Agencies, Address, Town, County, Post Code, Telephone, Fax, E-mail and Web Site. This database has been updated in Dec 2018 and now consists of an additional 2300 entries.


We have developed a Codes and Standards Section to enhance as a resource centre for the UK instrument industry. Pages available are Control Systems Glossary , Network Glossary , Standards Glossary , Project Glossary , Network Standards , Safety Integrity Levels ANSI/ISA S84.01 and Draft IEC 61508 , Hazardous Area Standards , Enclosure Classifications and Useful Data including conversion factors, formulae, international dialling codes, time zones, air distances etc.
 INSTRUMENTATION PARTS can help you source instru - mentation and spares parts from UK suppliers. We can provide quotations and then arrange for export to your country. Please e-mail us with your enquiries

Have you seen the Web Site? We are experimenting with a Instrument Engineers Re-United Message Board on this Web Site. Just post a short summary about yourself - where you used to work and which old colleagues you would like to get in contact with. We also have an Instrument NetYahoo Club, complete with Message Board/Newsgroup and Chat Room. Please take part, there is plenty to talk about. Alternatively just enter comments and suggestions in our Guest Book , or leave your calling card


We are trialling a Joke Circle from If you receive a good joke by e-mail post it on to us and we will put it into the joke archive for everyone to enjoy. Please e-mail your jokes etc. to
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